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SmacklePuffs Smokin' Bacon Flavor

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Taste: Our snackin' dog Scully had trouble eating these at first, as she dropped the first reddish brown, star-shaped snack puff out of her mouth multiple times when initially trying to eat one. On the fourth try, we could hear a loud crunch, and she proceeded to actually eat it. For the second puff, there was one drop before she ate it, and the third time, she ate it without dropping it at all, as we heard the crunch on the first try. The recommended portion size seemed excessive, so we stopped at three. Given the fact that she ate three of these, we assume that Scully liked the taste. But she didn't beg for more when we didn't give her any more.

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Aroma: Human opinion is: Yuk!

SmacklePuffs Smokin' Bacon Flavor

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From the package

"Dogs love 'em!" ... "They're smackle-licious" ... "Hey cool canines, you and I both know your human doesn't think you can read, so keep this on the down low. SmacklePuffs are the hippest snack going, way hipper than anything else out there. But watch out dawgie-o — once you taste them, you're hooked. Plus, they're low-fat and low-cal to keep your hindquarters their finest."

Trivia: These are also available in Chicken Quesadilla flavor.

This snack was discovered by Keith and Melissa at Petco. Review published .

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