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Barbara's Cheese Puff Bakes

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Taste: These just might be the best cheese puffs ever made. Ther've got an unbelievable amount of cheese flavor, and you can actually taste both kinds of cheese that they claim to have — blue and cheddar. They're delicious and addictive. Cheetos claim to be "dangerously cheesy" but these are, without a doubt, significantly cheesier.

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Aroma: A very cheesy smell. You can smell both the cheddar and the blue cheese.

Barbara's Cheese Puff Bakes

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Barbara's Bakery, Inc.

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From the package

"Barbara's Chhese Puff Bakes are a perfectly delightful snack — richly delicious with a light and crispy texture. They won't weigh you down like heavy, fried puffs because they are baked — not fried.

"Made from sun-ripened yellow corn, carefully seasoned with a select blend of natural blue cheese and real aged cheddar, each bite explodes with tangy real cheese flavor.

"So enjoy Barbara's Cheese Puff bakes. On the go or at home, they are a delicious anytime snack."

Trivia: This bag was a gift, given in appreciation for several rides to work after Frank's Saab died in the office parking lot.

This snack was discovered by Frank at Whole Foods Market (formerly Bread & Circus).

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