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J.R. Dippers Pasteurized Cheese Dip with Cracker Sticks

J.R. Dippers Pasteurized Cheese Dip with Cracker Sticks

Taste: Each of these five packs contained six crackers sticks, each just over two inches long, and a dipping basin of yellowish orange cheese. These crackers were strong enough to easily dip into the cheese, plus tasty and just slighty sweet. The cheese was smooth and tasty, slightly tangy. The whole shebang cost just $1, so at 20 cents apiece, one or two of them would be an economical small meal or snack.

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Aroma: Cheese smelled like an American cheese slice. Crackers smelled very good!

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From the package

"5 fun snack packs" ... "Does not need refrigeration" ... "Serving Size 1 Unit (21g)"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Dollar Tree. Review published .

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