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Walkers Marmite Yeast Extract Flavour Crisps

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Taste: These potato chips were thick, crunchy and very crisp, and the flavor was definitely an original one, as I had never heard of Marmite before. They tasted quite good, and most of the patrons of the chip bowl enjoyed the taste, even if they found it very hard to place the flavor. The great crispness of the chips really helped to make the flavor sharp. One of the tasters didn't like the taste at all, saying, "It tastes like someone's toes."

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Aroma: A bit odd, but not bad.

Walkers Marmite Yeast Extract Flavour Crisps

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Walkers Snack Foods Ltd. (United Kingdom)

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From the package

"Quality: Potatoes grown specially for Walkers are cooked to the highest quality. Taste: We add Walkers' unique flavorings. Freshness: Our three way protective package locks in Walkers' fresnhess ... to make sure Walkers crisps are always irresistible." ... "Suitable for vegetarians" ... "Suitable for coeliacs" ... "Ingredients: Potatoes, vegetable oil, Marmite flavour [lactose, flavouring, flavour enhancer (monosodium glutamate), hydrolysed soy protein, milk, protein, Marmite yeast extract], salt."

This snack was discovered by Judy and Lee in Bermuda. Review published .

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