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Tyson Hot 'n Spicy Buffalo Style Chicken Chunks

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Taste: When I first bit into one of these chunks, I tasted the chicken but not any hot and spicy flavor. The hot flavor quickly followed. It was both hot and spicy, and it was pretty good, but it did not remind me of the taste of Buffalo wings in any way. After chewing on the meat a bit, the heat level was pretty good, and the heat stayed around as an aftertaste. Some of the chunks in this bag were moist and easy to bite into, but others were too gamey and very difficult to eat.

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Aroma: Just a standard jerky smell, no buffalo sauce that I could notice.

Tyson Hot 'n Spicy Buffalo Style Chicken Chunks

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Tyson Foods, Inc.

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From the package

"Product should be consumer or refrigerated after opening" ... "Dried smoked chicken snack made with chicken dark meat" ... "Snack Time" ... "Ingredients: Chicken dark meat, water, salt sugar, spices, flavorings, cayenne pepper sauce powder, hydrolyzed corn protein, monosodium glutamate, butter flavor, sodium nitrite. Treated with a solution of potassium sorbate to preverve freshness."

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