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Margarita Columbianas Pollo alas Brasas

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Taste: I don't speak Spanish, but when I used babelfish to translate "Pollo alas Brasas" it came back with "chicken to live coals." So I think these are supposed to be grilled chicken flavored. Amazingly, that's exactly what these thin, crisp potato chips really did taste like. They were very tasty and loaded with flavor. The good folks at Frito-Lay Colombia were even so kind as to pack a lot of these delicious chips into this small bag. A great find.

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Aroma: Wow, it definitely smells like chicken. It's really good.

Margarita Columbianas Pollo alas Brasas

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Pepsico Alimentos Colombia Ltda. (Colombia)

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From the package

"Tu calidad Margarita de Siempre. Ahora con nuevos sabores que te conectan con lo que es tuyo."

This snack was discovered by Josh Reynolds in Colombia. Review published .

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