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Grill-A-Corn Garlic Toast Flavoured

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Taste: These taste just like garlic bread — the buttery, garlicy part of it. They're really, really, really good. Yum! They're shaped like Crunchy Cheetos.

Shop: Buy Calbee snacks at Amazon.com

Aroma: These smell just like fresh garlic bread, right out of the oven. Great!

Grill-A-Corn Garlic Toast Flavoured

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Calbee Foods Co., Ltd. (Japan)

From the package

"Grill-A-Corn is made by grinding the best corn from America and Europe and then baked. Although Grill-A-Corn is not fried, it is crispy and tasty because Calbee has the expertise, technological know how and the strictest quality control. Taste the Garlic Grill-A-Corn — enjoy the French garlic toast instantly!!"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Uni on Avenue St. Laurent in Montreal's Chinatown.

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