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San Carlo Classica

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Taste: These are good regular thin potato chips. They have a good potato taste, slightly greasy, without very much salt. They were popular around the chip bowl.

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Aroma: A nice smell, but it's different from regular potato chips, like there's some sort of seasoning.

San Carlo Classica

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San Carlo Gruppo Alimentare Spa (Italy)

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From the package

"Son dorata, son croccante, se mi prendi non resisti. Noi due soli o in compagnia, ti stordisco d'allegria. Tutto sogna intorno a me quando volo via con te." .. The back of the bag has pictures of a whole bunch of different styles of potato chips that San Carlo offers: classica (la superpatatina, genuina e sopraffina), light (la caloria si scama, piacere senza colpa), piuù gusto (sfiziosa e saporita, da leccarsi le dita), rustica (col doppio di spessore, le righe han piuù sapore), grill (la griglia tutto gusto la leggrezza a vista) and sticki (fiammiferi croccanti allegri e stuzzicanti).

This snack was discovered by Judy and Lee in Milan, Italy. Review published .

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