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Bugles Chili Cheese Flavor

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Taste: These Bugles are covered with a lot of powder, and it tastes like Bugles covered in taco powder. If you like the taste of a regular Bugle, then these aren't bad. It makes you think like you're eating tacos. Not much of a traditional cheese flavor, more of a "chili" taste. But these are strangely addicting, we felt we could eat an entire bag of these.

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Aroma: Smells like the taco powder you put onto burger if you're making homemade tacos.

Bugles Chili Cheese Flavor

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General Mills Sales, Inc.

From the package

"Proud sponsor of the #44 Bugles race car. Driver: Christian Fittipaldi. Make: Dodge. Team: Petty Enterprises."

Trivia: "If you ate Bugles crispy corn snacks non-stop during a stock car race, you would crunch down more than 2,300 Bugles!"

This snack was discovered by Keith and Melissa at Price Chopper, Worcester, Massachusetts. Review published .

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