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Boulder Malt Vinegar and Sea Salt Potato Chips

Boulder Malt Vinegar and Sea Salt Potato Chips

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Taste test: These are very flavorful chips, with a clean potato taste, crisp vinegar bite, and a fine balance of salt. A true delight! Lots of people enjoy vinegar chips, and these rank among the very best of them.

Aroma: Malt vinegar, potatoes, a little scent of heaven.

Manufacturer: Boulder Potato Company

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From the package: "Oceanside boardwalks, a snack of fried potatoes with vinegar, and salty sea air ... these images inspired our Malt Vinegar and Sea Salt potato chips. We spent oveer a year developing this unique flavor using only totally natural ingredients. While some vinegars can taste bitter, our special blend of malt vinegar offers a slightly sweet, full-bodied taste punctuated by a touch of sea salt."

This snack was discovered by Mike, our Colorado bureau chief in Colorado.

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