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Door County Potato Chips

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Taste: These chips are similar to Cape Cod potato chips in shape, consistenty and taste. They're fairly thick, with a good kettle-cooked crunch and a good potato taste. The similarities to Cape Cod chips don't end with the chips. Cape Cod chips have an illustration of a lighthouse on the front of the bag, and a map of Hyannis along Nantucket Sound on the back. These have a drawing of a lighthouse on the back, and a map of Door County along Green Bay and Lake Michigan on the front.

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Aroma: Good kettle-cooked potato chips smell, a lot like Cape Cod chips.

Door County Potato Chips

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From the package

"Kettle Cooked Hand Made" ... "Door County has more shoreline (250 miles), more state parks (5) and more lighthouses (10) than any other county in the United States. Unsurpassed natural beauty — from wooded trails to sandy beaches to towering limestone cliffs — is just one reason why this unique peninsula is one of the most popular getaway spots in the Midwest. Door County also means fine dining, unique shops and a thriving cultural scene that includes renowned visual and performing arts. Lodging accommodations range from cozy cabins to fireplace suites to historic inns and bed & breakfasts. Season to season, shore to shore, Door County is the jewel in Wisconsin's crown."

This snack was discovered by Dad in Milwaukee. Review published .

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