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Jack and Ollie's Thai 7 Spice Potato Chips

Jack and Ollie's Thai 7 Spice Potato Chips

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Taste test: These are good, crunchy, thick, fairly flat chips. They don't really taste like Thai food, but they do have many spices on them taste good. The flavoring is mild at first, but it does get stronger in the aftertaste, which is spicy and lingers for a while.

Aroma: A good spicy smell.

Manufacturer: Jack & Ollies The Old Hemp Store

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From the package: "We have worked very hard to bring you these delicious potato chips. Hand picked at dawn, only the most superior potatoes pass stringent quality control procedures, they are precision sliced with the latest laser guided techno cutters before being individually fried in the finest grade sunflower oil accompanied by relaxing orchestral music then lovingly dried on the laps of the bountiful and exotic maidens before being flown directly to their destination by private jet .... Well, maybe that's a slight exaggeration but we hope you will enjoy these top quality hand made potato chips ... and that's the truth!"

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