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Bachman Party Mix

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Taste: This is a very cheesy, salty and tasty party mix consisting of pretzel sticks, small knotted pretzels, Crunchy Jax, barbecue-flavored corn chips and nacho cheese tortilla chips. It's very good combination, thanks in no small part to the high level of cheese on the Jax and the generous amount of flavoring and salt on the corn and tortilla chips, which provides the perfect balance for the more ordinary-tasting pretzels. This bag emptied fairly rapidly after being placed in the chip bowl.

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Aroma: Good cheesy smell.

Bachman Party Mix

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From the package

"We have a lot of fun here at Bachman making the latest 'crunchy' and 'crispy' snacks. We thought it would be a great idea to put some of our favorites al together in one bag ... a real crowd pleaser for your Bar-B-Que, Holiday party, Superbowl party or just plain everyday party. Our Bachman Party Mix gives you a sampling of some of the most popular items from the Bachman family of products. There's our own unique Stix Pretzels, our crispy Mini Pretzel, our famous Crunchy Jax, our spicy Bar-B-Que corn chip and our Cheesy Nacho Tortilla, all mixed together ready to serve at your special party, or family get-together."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Garden City Market, Cranston, Rhode Island. Review published .

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