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Regenie's Crunchy Pitas Bacon & Cheddar

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Taste: These are really good. They're extremely crunchy rectangular (but curled) pita chips. The crunch is impressive — if anyone near you is eating these, you really can hear the crunching going on inside their mouths. The cheddar definitely dominates the bacon, but that's fine with me, because it's a very nice and intense taste. The bacon is subdued, but it does add some depth to the cheddar. There's a lot of flavor powder, some of which gets left behind on your fingertips (which can be saved for a secondary snack later). An impressive snack.

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Aroma: Good, smells like pizza, sort of.

Regenie's Crunchy Pitas Bacon & Cheddar

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From the package

"Betcha can't crunch the addiction!™" ... "A healthy twist on a classic favorite, Regenie's® Crunchy Pitas prides itself on cooking authentic, great tasting pita snacks. We make our Crunchy Pitas by simply baking fresh bread and kettle cooking each pita with old-world care. The result is a robust flavor and crunchy texture you expect in a great tasting pita snack."

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