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Cheetos Natural Puffs White Cheddar

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Taste: These are shaped differently from the regular Cheetos Puffs, as the puffs are both narrower and less curvy, and they're a pale yellow in color. When I first bit in, the texture seemed slightly stryofoamy and the taste not that as cheesy as I've come to expect from Cheetos, but as I ate more of them, the level of cheese taste did seem to increase to an acceptable level. I still wouldn't label these as Dangerously Cheesy, but they're pretty good. I have had some other "natural" cheese puffs, such as Barbara's, that had a lot more cheese flavor.

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Aroma: Very nice cheddar aroma, more like real cheese than the usual fluorescent orange cheese puffs.

Cheetos Natural Puffs White Cheddar

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Frito-Lay North America, Inc.

From the package

"Great Taste, Naturally from Frito-Lay" ... "You want to bring home the best for yourself and your family. That's why your favorite Frito-Lay brands are going natural." ... "These natural Cheetos® brand Cheese Flavored Snacks begin with the fabulous crunch you love. And we've added natural, white cheddar cheese to give you the Dangerously Cheesy® taste that Chester Cheetah® has made famous. From the first mouth-watering bite to the bottom of the bag, you'll know that we have taken extra care to make sure that these Cheetos® brand Snacks meet our high quality standards." ... "There are no preservatives, no added colors, and nothing artificial in these snacks — just huge taste and satisfaction packed inside every bag. Who else could combine all natural ingredients with great taste but Frito-Lay?"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy in Orlando, Florida. Review published .

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