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ATA Cheddar Snack Mix

ATA Cheddar Snack Mix

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Taste test: By all accounts, ATA is pretty much the worst airline currently in business. (I think it's short for American Trans Air, but it could just as well be A Terrible Airline.) Just about everyone I know who has flown ATA has a horror story to share, and has vowed never to fly ATA again. Having said that, I must say that this is a pretty impressive snack mix, with some unique shapes and a good, mild cheese flavor — quite a bit more interesting than the plain bags of pretzels that some airlines are giving out these days. Contents include short pretzel sticks, broken up corn chips, small cheese crackers shaped like a pound sign (#), small round cheese crackers with an X in the middle, cheese crackers shaped like ladders, and things that seem kind of like broken up sesame sticks. The cheese taste is like Cheez-Its but milder. Everything in the bag is kind of tiny, meaning this small bag ends up having 100 or more individual pieces of the various snacks in it. But that might be a plus in this case: Given the fact that this is likely to be the only food you're given on an entire flight, having to eat such a large number of pieces helps to spread the snack over a longer period of time.

Aroma: Very strong cheddar smell. Very nice.

Manufacturer: John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc.

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From the package: "Produced in a facility that manufactures peanuts and tree nuts." ... "For nutrition information please write to the above address."

This snack was discovered by Amitai aboard ATA. Review published .

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