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Munchies Ultimate Cheddar Mix

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Taste: This is a really good snack mix, with the added bonus of having a cheese flavor to it. The Quaker Squares pieces are crunchier than Chex, especially the square pieces (they have a hexagon-shaped piece as well). Also included in the mix are some Rold Gold pretzel (twists and sticks), which are pretty good, but I prefer the cereal pieces. Finally, it all gets rounded out by some Chester's Cheesy Bite Crackers and Crunchy Bagel Chips -- the crackers are OK (like a Cheez-it), and the bagel chips are pretty good. Overall a good snack mix, you'll have a hard time keeping the bowl full with these.

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Aroma: At first it smelled like an old shoe, but then a sweeter aroma came up, so it wasn't that bad.

Munchies Ultimate Cheddar Mix

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From the package

Includes Quaker Squares Cereal and Crispy Cereal Pieces, Chester's Cheesy Bites Crackers and Crunchy Bagel Chips, Rold Gold Classic Tiny Twists and Pretzel Sticks.

This snack was discovered by Keith at Old Colony Market, Southborough, Massachusetts. Review published .

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