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Rave Xtra Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips

Taste: After reading the back of the bag (see below), I was expecting a mound of flavoring on these chips, and by gum there was! There is so much salt and vinegar on each of these chips that you almost forget that you're eating a potato chip. If you like your chips with lots of flavor powder, you can't go wrong here. I've gotten used to the taste of salt & vinegar chips, so there's no wincing anymore, but if this was the first time I had tried a salt & vinegar chip, I can guarantee I would have winced. You might need a napkin to wipe off the extra salt powder from your hands on these chips.

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Aroma: There's so much vinegar aroma in this that my nose twitched when I sniffed the bag. Smell with caution!

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Old Dutch Foods Ltd. (Canada)

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From the package

"You know when you're eating a bag of chips and you hit that one perfect chip coated with so much flavour that your taste buds do a little happy dance? [Editor's note: Yes! Yes! Yes! Hence this Interweb site!] Well, every single Rave chip is just like that. Using the latest in taste technology combined with a little TLC, we cram extra flavour on every Rave chip — often twice as much as lesser chips — so you get more pleasure with every bite. Rave — for people who crave extra flavour on every chip!"

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