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Rap Snacks Warren G Cheezie Nacho Flavored Chips

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Taste: These thin, crunchy potato chips have a nice cheese flavor. Because the underlying chip is a potato chip, rather than a tortilla chip made from corn, the taste and texture is entirely different from Doritos. There's quite a bit of salty and sugary flavor powder on these chips, and it kind of accumulates on your fingertips as you eat, allowing for an extra dose of cheezie nacho flavor once the bag is empty, if you choose to lick your fingers.

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Aroma: Mostly just smells like potato chips. You can't really smell much nacho cheese.

Rap Snacks Warren G Cheezie Nacho Flavored Chips

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"Although Warren G is an acclaimed Multi-Platinum artist, he is equally herakded as a superstar producer. For nearly a decade, along with his brither Dr. Dre, Warren helped mold the irresistible songs of Wast Coast Gangsta Rap. Through his #1 smash 'Regulate', Warren G propelled his solo debut album 'Regulate ... The G Funk Era' to Triple Platinum heights. His following album releases, 'Take A Look Over Your Shoulder' and 'I Want It All', gained Platinum and Gold status respectively.

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at White Hen Pantry, Porter Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Review published .

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