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Astronaut Ice Cream

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Taste test: This is basically a brick of dehydrated ice cream, in the usual three Neopolitan flavors. When you bite into the brick, there's a soft crunch, and once the ice cream starts to dissolve in your mouth, it really does taste like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream. It kind of sticks to your teeth, unlike regular ice cream, but it does taste good. If I had to choose between a bag of chips and this as a snack to take into space, I would go with the bag of chips. But chips might now be banned from space, following the Homer Simpson incident.

Aroma: Very, very weak Neapolitan ice cream smell.

Manufacturer: American Outdoor Products, Inc.

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From the package: "Freeze Dried Ready To Eat Natural" ... "Freeze dried ice cream similar to this was enjoyed by U.S. austronauts on past space missions dating back to the Apollo program. This ice cream was frozen to -40 C, vacuum dried and sealed in this stay fresh foil pouch."

Trivia: This had a $4 price tag on it, but I got it for just 99 cents at the Harvard Square Discovery Channel Store's going out of business sale.

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Discovery Channel Store. Review published .

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