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Co-op Ketchup Potato Chips (Croustilles Ketchup)

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Taste: These are very strong ketchup chips, they taste like you've dipped your potato chip in a big vat of ketchup. Not for the weak-willed ketchup chip taster, you really have to like your ketchup to try one of these chips. Also, the size of the chip impressed us, as there were not a lot of 'broken' chips. Powder distribution was inconsistent, some chips were practically red with powder, others were 'lightly' flavored. Probably one of the better ketchup chips I've had, the taste was pure ketchup (almost a spicy ketchup), not a ketchup and salt taste.

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Aroma: A very strong ketchup flavor wafts up from the bag.

Co-op Ketchup Potato Chips (Croustilles Ketchup)

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"Suggestion: Freshen snacks, chips, pretzels, etc. by microwaving them, uncovered for a few seconds." ... "Bacon Dip 'n Dunk: 10 slices bacon, 250 ml plain yogurt, 125 ml mayonnaise, 1 ml finely chopped green onion, 15 ml finely chopped parsley, 2 ml seasoning salt. Fry bacon until crisp. Drain well, reserving 15 ml of dripping. Crumble bacon. Combine yogurt and mayonnaise; gradually stir in reserved drippings. Add remaining ingredients; mix well. Cover and chill before serving."

This snack was discovered by Glenna in Canada. Review published .

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