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Fun Yum Ketchup Fries

Fun Yum Ketchup Fries

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Taste test: These are some great ketchup fries. They've got an outstanding ketchup taste, and they're fairly sizeable fries, giving you plenty to munch on. They were a big hit around the office chip bowl. There was some variation in the consistency of the fries, as some fries were crunchier and others softer — but this variety only added to the appeal, as all fries were crisp and delicious.

Aroma: A very nice ketchup smell.

Manufacturer: Les Croustilles Yum Yum Enr. (Canada)

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From the package: "The secret is out of the bag! Snacks should be fun to eat. They should taste great and satisfy your appetite for crunch ... right here, right now. So go ahead, enjoy your new FunYum snacks. They'll meet all your expectations and more — they're not fried! Try keeping them away from the kids though: they might eat them all before you can say ... FunYum!"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Ultramar gas station, Route 276, St.-Joseph, Quebec, Canada.

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