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Yummies Zambos Tajaditas de Plátano

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Taste: This is quite an unusual combination of snacks. Contained in this one bag are salted plantain chips, and what appear to be pork rinds. Really, both, in one bag. The plantain chips are your standard plantain chips, with a good crunch and lots of salt. The pork rinds are actually quite good, especially considering that they're pork rinds, since pork rinds are usually kind of terrible. These are crisp but not so hard that you can't bite into them, and they're even a little soft on the inside.

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Aroma: Smells like plantain chips, not strong.

Yummies Zambos Tajaditas de Plátano

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From the package

"El plátana es un fruto rico en vitamina B y C; además son numerosas las sales minerales que contiene, entre ellas: hierro, fósforo, potasio y calico. Debido a su contenido en azúcar digerible, se considera al plátano como un fruto de gran valor energético y nutrivo. Contiene una discreta cantidad de vitamina A; favorece asimismo la secreción de jugos gástricos facilitando la digestión."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy in East Boston. Review published .

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