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Uncle Ray's Hot Potato Chips

Uncle Ray's Hot Potato Chips

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Taste test: These are good hot chips with a nice flavor. They won't win the contest for the hottest chips in the world, but they're still fairly hot and have a lot of flavor. They're hot enough that you might need to go get a drink of water after eating them (but it won't be a super-urgent situation to get water, as it is with some even hotter chips). The flavor powder on the chips is a bright red, similar to some ketchup chips. A good snack with some zing.

Aroma: A good hot barbecue sort of smell — it kind of makes your mouth water.

Manufacturer: Uncle Ray's LLC

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From the package: "The Life and Times of Uncle Ray — Chapter 10: A hard day's work for a good day's pay. After finishing eighth grade at sixteen, I went to work at Great Lakes Gray Iron Foundry, where my uncle Ira Jenkins was plant foreman. At 6 feet tall and 125 lbs., the work was the hardest I had ever done before or since. My job was to fix facing (fine sand and graphite). This was used to insure a clean finish on the casting. After a year, I became an assistant molder. One day we were pouring a 4-ton mold (8,000 lbs.) of molded iron when the flask split open. A stream of molten iron poured out onto the floor. We ran to keep from getting burned. .... A month after I left the foundry I was still coughing up and spitting up black soot. My father worked 30 years in the foundry and died from Black Lung Disease.

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at C'est Bon Convenience Store in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Review published .

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