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Terra Blues Crême Fraîche & Dill

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Taste: These are a seasoned version of Terra's excellent Blues. They taste like a baked potato with sour cream and dill seasoning. They're quite good, with a the same crunchiness and thickness as the regular Blues. The chip's unusual color did seem to turn off some newcomers to these chips, but once they tried them, they were pleasantly surprised.

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Aroma: Smells oily.

Terra Blues Crême Fraîche & Dill

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From the package

"If you don't fall in love with the sensational beauty of this colorful chip, they you are bound to be captivated by its unique flavor. Terra's wonderful new recipe, mixes the richness of crême fraîche (a luscious cream thickened with zesty lemon) with the classic addition of dill, resulting in a sensational combination of gourmet flavors. Experience this irresistible new blue potato chip variety, and transcend your taste expectations to new horizons. ...

"You expect superior quality from Terra Chips®. That's why we make our Terra Blues® from only the finest Blue Potatoes available. Originating in South America, the Peruvian Blue Potato has been farmed from Argentina to Paraguay. And now, cultivated in North America, it's heartier than ever. With its unusual naturally-occurring bluish-purple pigmentation and dense texture, the Blue Potato is prized by chefs and gourmet cooks around the world."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Zathmary's, Needham, Massachusetts.

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