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Cape Cod Waves 40% Reduced Fat Potato Chips

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Taste: These are rippled potato chips made by the Cape Cod potato chip company. Because they are reduced fat potato chips, they don't have that oily taste of a normal kettle chip, and thus it loses some of its appeal. There's also very little salt on the chips, but that's probably healthier too. An average chip in my opinion.

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Aroma: They smell like a normal bag of potato chips.

Cape Cod Waves 40% Reduced Fat Potato Chips

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Cape Cod Potato Chip Co.

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From the package

"Watch the Waves, Sailor -- The Northeast has long felt the natural power of no'easters, coastal storms with heaving waves, whipping winds and rains. As a result, more than 3,000 ships crashed along the Cape Cod National Seashore, a crucial commercial byway, in the last 300 years. Between 1872 and 1915, brave Cape Codders rescued victims of these stranded ships. Called the U.S. Life Saving Service, they embraced dangers laced with the tension of waiting for glory or disappointmnt. The legendary life savers joined the newly formed U.S. Coast Guard in 1915."

Trivia: "Careful, they're rippled!" -- Buzz Aldrin.

This snack was discovered by Melissa. Review published .

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