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Pret Hand Cooked Lightly Salted Crisps

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Taste: These are very crunchy, thick, dark, kettle-style potato chips. They're good. As the same says, the salt level on these chips is very low, but they're still quite tasty. Since there's no special flavoring or much salt, all you taste is the potato.

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Aroma: Good.

Pret Hand Cooked Lightly Salted Crisps

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Pret A Manger

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From the package

"A New Yorker called George Crum invented the crisp in 1853. 'Crum's Crisps' ... or so legend has it. We find 'bold' potatoes made especially for good crisps. They are bigger than average on account of being grown for longer and with plenty of space between them. We slice our potatoes particularly thick to ensure maximum crispness. We then hand cook our crisps, changing the oil frequently. Dirty or burnt oil would of course taint the taste of the crisps and ruin the seasoning and natural flavors we use."

This snack was discovered by Keith and Melissa in London. Review published .

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