7965 Snacks

Snacking Trip to Virginia

By Melissa Shaw
Senior Reviews Editor

and Keith Shaw
Secretary of Snacks

We recently drove from Massachusetts to Virginia for a family reunion. On the way, we found some time to engage in our favorite hobby — chip hunting. New adventures bring new chips, and this trip was no exception.

Price Chopper, Worcester, Massachusetts


Friday morning


One for the Road

Just like charity, chip hunting begins at home. Keith picks up a bag of good old Wachusett regular at our hometown store.

Convenient Food Mart in Scranton, Pennsylvania


Friday afternoon

A few hundreds miles after our start, we make our first stop for gas in Scranton. We pull off at the first sign of a gas station/convenience store, hoping to fill up on gas — and chips.


Keep on Truckin'

We were doubly blessed at the Convenient Food Mart. We took the sign of a Herr's van in the parking lot as an omen of great things to come and parked our chipmobile right next to it.



A happy Herr's employee unloads boxes of snacky goodness at the Convenient Food Mart.


Checking in with Headquarters

This is the essence of chip hunting: holding an armful of chips in a convenience store, trying to figure out which ones we have and which we don't. In this case, we were lucky to snag Jeremy, our Chief Snacks Officer, on the cell to confer before making our purchases. We left the Convenient Food Mart with about a dozen large bags of chips and two Diet Cokes, and the clerk didn't bat an eye.


Mission Accomplished

Keith poses with one of the many Herrs bags headed for the trunk of the chipmobile.

Weis Market in Carlisle, Pennsylvania


Friday afternoon


Double Fisted

A stop in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, yielded more bags and another call to our Chief Snacks Officer for chip checking. Keith proudly displays a favorite childhood chip, Gibbles (left). We think Pennsylvania should be renamed Snacksylvania.

Hagerstown, Maryland

Friday evening


The Ultimate Chicken Nuggets

The combination of our cell phone and our Our Chief Snacks Officer proved very helpful on our drive down. Not only did he help us determine which chips we needed to buy, he also used the Interweb to track down the closest Chick-fil-a on our route, which ended up being this fine one in Hagerstown. Keith is eagerly anticipating his 12-pack of nuggets for dinner.

Charlottesville, Virginia



Donut Pilgrimage

Later in the week, while in Charlottesville, we remembered that Krispy Kreme evangelist Stewart said we had to stop by Spudnut's, makers of fine potato-flour-based donuts. They were yummy and worth the trip, although our Yankee presence in this small, family-owned donut shop seemed to be noted by the regulars.

Monticello gift shop, Charlottesville, Virginia




Chips and History

A stop at President Thomas Jefferson's famed Monticello would not be complete without some chip hunting. Here Keith improves upon the beautiful home by displaying a bag of Crunchie Munchies, acquired in the gift shop.

Mister Chips Convenience store at James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia




The Perfect Store

While looking for a place to park, the chipmobile pulled into the on-campus convenience store and nearly crashed when noting the title of the store. This could very well be the highlight of the trip.


Hey, that's our space!

The chipmobile takes its rightful place in the store parking lot. We have never wanted to steal a sign more in our lives.


Seriously, how wonderful would this sign look at the corporate headquarters of Taquitos.net?

Massanutten Resort, Harrisonburg, Virginia



Here's nearly all the booty from the trip (though we did get some more bags on the way home). Our relatives were really confused and worried when they visited our room and saw 53 bags of unopened chips.