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The Taquitos Page

By Jeremy Selwyn
Chief Snacks Officer

There are few foods more delicious than taquitos. In fact, they're so delicious that we named this entire web site after them. Here are some of the different kinds of taquitos that I've eaten.


A Delicious Start

This box of El Monterey taquitos provides some energy for a long trip.


Chickenesque Taquitos

From Trader Joe's


365 Chicken Taquitos

From Bread & Circus (Whole Foods Market)


El Monterey Mexican Grill Taquitos

Purchased at Costco in Waltham, Massachusetts


TGI Friday's Chicken Quesadilla Rolls

These are basically taquitos, their name notwithstanding. Not sure why someone would not classify these as taquitos.


José Olé Chicken & Cheese Taquitos


El Monterey Steak & Cheese Taquitos


El Monterey Breakfast Taquitos

With egg, bacon and cheese! Purchased at the fabulous Market Basket on Somerville Ave.


Whole Kids Organic Mini Pinto Bean Taquitos

Purchased at Bread & Circus at Fresh Pond (a.k.a. Whole Foods Market)