8010 Snacks

Fun With Snacks


The Hoover Dam's Snacketeria


Bacon Free Library (South Natick, Massachusetts)

If you need some books, but because of religious or dietary reasons, they must contain no bacon, this could be the library for you.


Pope John Paul II blesses a bag of Cheetos


Mass General Hospital's Eat Street Café


Eurosealer Chip Bag Sealing Device


Enormous potato chip from bag of Lance Chip Thunder

Yeah, that's a quarter next to it.

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Special chicken wings from McDonald's


Shelf label from Winn-Dixie in West Palm Beach


Pringles Park

The snackiest baseball stadium we've heard of

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Boston Snack Foods Gourmet Grill

This is one of the many gourmet eateries in the Boston area (at the Home Depot in Everett)


A closer look at the menu