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Snack Trucks

By Jeremy Selwyn
Chief Snacks Officer

Without a doubt, the best kind of truck on the road today is the snack truck. Without snack trucks, we'd all be a lot hungrier. We've been traveling the world in search of every snack truck that we could find.

Nottingham, Pennsylvania

The Herr Foods factory in Nottingham is a Mecca for snack trucks large and small.


Now Arriving

A Herr's van arrives at the plant to join the many other trucks already gathered there.


Ready to Go

A tractor prepares to pull a large Herr's truck out of the loading dock.


Meanwhile in the back lot, a whole fleet of trucks awaits the creation of more salty snacks.


Shop 'Til You Snack

Don't come to Nottingham just for the trucks. Herr's also offers a factory tour, and it's a great way to see how they make potatoes into delicious salted snacks. Nothing makes you hungrier than watching chips get made, so there's a small restaurant in the lobby where you can grab some lunch. Plus, there's a gift shop offering discounted chips, cheese puffs, pretzels and more, along with a wide selection of Herr's merchandise. The day I visited, they were giving out samples of some amazingly delicious chocolate-covered potato chips.

Orlando, Florida


A trip to Orlando and other parts of Florida yielded a number of chip truck sightings.


Cheetos truck

Spotted in parking lot of Holiday Inn Family Suites near Disney World.


Doritos truck

Spotted in Orlando.


Lance Snacks truck

Spotted in Clearwater, Florida, on the way to a Red Sox-Blue Jays game in neighboring Dunedin.

Cambridge, Massachusetts


Cambridge is famous for many things, but perhaps its greatest fame should be for the high number of snack trucks that are often spotted there.


Doritos truck

Spotted on Elm Street behind the Star Market in Porter Square on the Cambridge/Somerville, Massachusetts, line


Trick Truck (1)

From here, it looks like a Doritos truck. Spotted next to Peabody School on Walker Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts


Trick Truck (2)

From the other end, it looks like a Lay's truck.


Tri-Sum potato chip truck

Spotted in the parking lot of the Porter Square Star Market


Wise truck

Spotted on Mass. Ave. between Harvard Square and Porter Square in the People's Republic of Cambridge


Taquitos.net's fleet of chip delivery vehicles



February 2003

There seemed to be many more pork rinds in Atlanta than there were snack trucks.


Doritos truck

Spotted in downtown Atlanta



May 2001

If you're looking for Humpty Dumpty trucks, the Montreal area is the place to go.


Humpty Dumpty truck

Parked in loading dock at Humpty Dumpty factory in Lachine, Quebec (near Montreal)


Humpty Dumpty truck

Spotted in parking lot of the Lachine factory


Humpty Dumpty potato chips delivery truck

Spotted at gas station/convenience store in Quebec City

Here are some more places where we've spotted snack trucks.


Rold Gold truck

Parked at the White Hen Pantry in Salem, Massachusetts


Wise truck spotted in Baltimore


Vincent's Potato Chips truck

Spotted parked next to Mighty Subs in Needham, Massachusetts.


Wise truck

Spotted on Cape Cod next to the Arnold's bakey outlet


Rold Gold Truck

Parked on the South side of Market East in Philadelphia, Pretzelvania.