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What the Fluff?

By Jeremy Selwyn
Chief Snacks Officer

Birthplace of Fluff holds festival to celebrate delicious invention

September 30, 2006 — The city of Somerville, Massachusetts, is famous for lots of things — including being the home of the first American flag, raised over Prospect Hill on January 1, 1776. But today, right below a mural commemorating that flag, Union Square was celebrating another Somerville claim to fame. "What the Fluff?" commemorated the invention of Fluff.

Highlights of the festivities:


The Fluff Menu

First things first: Gotta eat. I bought a Fluffernutter, the Toscanini's Fluffy Chocolate Ice Cream and a shirt. People were lined up to get this stuff when I arrived.


The Father of Fluff

While waiting on line, I encountered Archibald Query (well, an actor portraying Archibald Query), who invented Fluff right here in Union Square in 1917.


Dancing Girls

The Flufferettes made several appearances in various costumes to help celebrate Fluff.


Pool o' Fluff

To prepare for the Fluff tug-o-war, willing helpers filled a wading pool with Fluff. (Johnny Damon, at right, sporting his short Yankees hair, made an extra trip to Boston just to be a part of this.)


New Do

Many of the assembled Fluff fans really got into the fun while filling the pool, as this woman tried out Fluff as a hair gel.


Swimming in Fluff

After a brief tug-o-war battle, these two youngsters were pulled face-first into the Fluff pool.


The Science of Fluff

Science exhibits on display included this one demonstrating the engineering properties of Fluff, and the uses for Fluff as an adhesive.


Athletic Fluff

According to this exhibit, good sports who use Fluff include Barry Bonds, Tonya Harding, Michael Jordan and Venus Williams.


A Super Sandwich

For the more adventurous eaters present, this table was offering a Saltine cracker topped with Fluff, tuna and personalized condiments, including ketchup, mustard and hot sauce. I had mine with Fluff, tuna and hot sauce. It was pretty good. (I got a picture of my cracker before I ate it, so keep an eye out for it on chickenortuna.com!)


The Fluff Volcano Cake (prepared by Fluffologists Rosie, Amanda and Ann) was among the more impressive Fluff recipes on display. At times, it was bubbling or steam was shooting out of the top.


Fluff Creations

A variety of recipes from other area Fluffologists were also on display. (Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to eat them.)