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Lego My Eggo, Indeed

New waffles encourage you to play with your food

By Jeremy Selwyn
Chief Snacks Officer

This new variety of Eggo Waffles looked like fun, promising a Lego-like shape that lets its eaters "Toast Break & Build!" So I bought a box.

Each square sheet consisted of six 2x4-grid detachable bricks. So the idea is that you toast your waffles, cut them up into Lego bricks, build something, and then (presumably) eat your Lego creation. I had a huge Lego collection when I was a kid and built all sorts of things with them, so the idea of edible Legos seemed appealing.

Unfortunately, it was a lot less fun than it sounded. This was a severely flawed concept. Problems included:

  • The perforations in the waffles (intended to help separate the bricks) caused the waffles to bend in my vertical toaster, so some parts were closer to the heating elements than others, resulting in uneven cooking.
  • Once toasted, it was hard to separate the individual bricks in each sheet. It really required a sharp knife and some very careful cutting, which is probably not something that the target audience should be encouraged to do. (If you just pulled them apart, they would barely resemble bricks once you were done, as they did not separate easily. And if you did that shortly after toasting, you would burn your fingers.)
  • There were eight circles jutting out of the top of each brick, and matching indentations on the bottom, sort of like real Legos, but they didn't even remotely snap together. They barely even stacked on top of each other with any kind of stablilty.
  • A standard serving is two waffles, or 12 bricks once you've broken them up. There's just not all that much you can build with that many bricks.
  • Eggo's quality control department allowed some of the sheets in this box to include incomplete bricks, as the batter did not fill the entire waffle iron and also spilled out off the edge. The irregular look might add charm to your standard Eggo waffles, but in this case, it reduced the number of usable bricks and made actual Lego contruction even more difficult.

Even if you manage to get a good sheet of waffles, cook them evenly, and cut them perfectly, they look a heck of a lot less like Legos than the picture on the box. And you really can't do much with them other than eat them.