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Hostess White Fudge Ding Dongs

Hostess White Fudge Ding Dongs

Taste: These small, circular cakes took the same form factor as the conventional Ding Dongs, but they subbed out two of the three elements. The milk chocolate coating became a white fudge coating, and the Devil's Food interior became a yellow cake. The original creme filling remained. With the chocolate ones, I've never noticed any hint of the interior visible through the coating, but in this case, the fudge coating looked transparent in places, with hints of the yellow cake showing through. There were 10 pieces in the box, each individually wrapped in clear cellophane with the Hostess logo all over it.

I bit in to find a great soft feel, with a great mix of sweet tastes and creaminess from the filling. Excellent.

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Aroma: Fairly mild, but a good sweet cake-and-frosting smell.

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From the package

"White fudge covered golden cake with creamy filling"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Market Basket. Review published .

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