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Hostess Chocolate Peanut Butter Twinkies

Hostess Chocolate Peanut Butter Twinkies

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Taste test: Fresh on the heels of the revolutionary Chocolate Cake Twinkies comes yet another new flavor, this time building on the concept of the chocolate cake ones, but for the first time in Twinkies history, using a peanut butter-based filling.

From the outside, they looked mostly like the chocolate ones, but I could see some of the orangish brown filling peering through the three holes at the bottom, a big contrast to the white filling that came before.

I bit in to find the usual nice soft Twinkies feel, with a very creamy feel and mild peanut butter taste from the filling. It was a good combination, but there seemed to be a lot less of the filling than shown in the cross-section picture on the box. More would have been better. It seemed to be the same filling used in the Peanut Butter Ho Ho's, but they weren't as generous with the filling in this case. Little Debbie also did a cake similar to this (except coated in chocolate too) that didn't skimp on the filling. We want more PB filling!

Aroma: More chocolate than peanut butter.

Manufacturer: Hostess Brands, LLC

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From the package: "Chocolate cake with peanut butter creamy filling" ... "10 individually wrapped cakes"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Market Basket. Review published .

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