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Tastykake Creme Filled Chocolate Bells

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Taste: These devil's food cakes weren't shaped all that much like bells, but they were round with sides that tilted inward. (Since Tastykake is a Philadelphia institution, we're pretty sure they would know what a real bell looks like!) Each Bell was individual wrapped in cellophane. I peeled open the wrapper and bit in to find a fairly standard devil's food cake. It was OK, but the chocolate wasn't particularly rich. The compact bell shape didn't really lend itself to being held easily for eating. The bites the included both creme filling and chocolate were the best of the bites, but as devil's food cakes go, this didn't fall anywhere near the top. Ring Dings are just better.

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Aroma: Chocolate-like smell, but nothing special here.

Tastykake Creme Filled Chocolate Bells

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"Baked fresh!" ... "Family Pack"

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