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Mrs. Freshley's Oreo Brownie

Mrs. Freshley's Oreo Brownie

Taste: This large, thick, rectangular brownie had a bumpy-looking top that was presumably the promised Oreo bits, including some subtle white areas that were presumably from the creme filling.

I bit in to find a very soft feel that wasn't particularly moist (but not dry in a bad way) and had no crunch at all from the Oreo elements. The taste was good, maybe slightly Oreo-like as brownies go, but I might not have even noticed the Oreo connection if it hadn't been labeled that way. As with most packaged brownies, it lacked a real soft-but-crunchy brownie texture, but it also had a different texture than most other packaged brownies, with their moistness. The wrapper said that it was two servings, but let's get real, I ate the whole thing. Just like Oreo cookies, it was good with a big glass of cold milk!

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Aroma: Definitely some hints of Oreo amid this good brownie smell.

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From the package

"Made with Oreo® cookie pieces" ... "Make life sweeter" ... "2 servings per container Serving size 1/2 Browie (43g/1.5oz) Calories per serving 180"

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