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Mrs. Freshley's Dreamies

Mrs. Freshley's Dreamies

Taste: This knockoff of Twinkies looked just like Twinkies, but the box contained only six of the snack cakes, each individually wrapped in clear cellophane. The taste and texture were very close to the same as Twinkies, with a soft yellow cake enclosing a tasty creme filling, a very moist feel overall and plenty of deliciousness. The individually wrapped pieces (versus 2 that Twinkies typically did) made it easier to eat just one, but it was still tempting to have more than that in one sitting.

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Aroma: Same as Twinkies.

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From the package

"6 creme-filled cakes individually wrapped" ... "Mrs. Freshley's® products are the finest high-quality snack foods available to you and your family. They have to be — Mrs. Freshley wouldn't have it any other way!"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Save-A-Lot Food Stores. Review published .

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