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Little Debbie Animal Tracks Brownies

Little Debbie Animal Tracks Brownies

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Taste test: These brownies from Little Debbie were the cleverest snack cakes we've seen in a while. Instead of just being brownies, they were (somewhat) educational, using the frosting-coated top of each one to display an assortment of animal footprints, along with the name of the associated animal. Well, they were mostly animal footprints, anyway; they also included one mythical creature in the mix. The back of the box said that Bigfoot brownies were the least common among the assortment of rabbits, deer, foxes, bears and coyotes (which were the second least common), but we really lucked out, as this box consisted of two Bigfoots, a bear, a rabbit and a fox.

The brownies were hexagonal-shaped, but not your typical regular hexagons, as they were more like rectangles with the sides angled out. As for the taste and texture, they suffered the same problem as most packaged brownies, lacking the mix of soft and crisp that makes a brownie a brownie. Still, the soft feel was not bad, and there was lots of chocolate from both the frosting and brownie to go along with my glass of cold milk.

Aroma: Good chocolate brownie smell.

Manufacturer: McKee Foods

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From the package: "Contains 5 brownies" ... "Can you find Bigfoot? See back panel for animal tracks information." ... "Brownie designs per carton will vary."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Market Basket. Review published .

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