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Taste: The moment we spotted this box on the supermarket shelf, it became an immediate contender for one of the greatest snacks ever. That status had nothing to do with how the contents of the box looked, felt or tasted — it was based solely on the "Munchmallow" name, which is simply brilliant (and it's so obviously brilliant that we see no need to explain why).

The box contained six individually foil-wrapped cookies, each consisting of a thin cookie bottom, toppled by a fairly large marshmallow and coated in dark chocolate (very similar in concept to Mallomars). They were pretty good, but we did have a few issues: the marshmallow was more spongy than melty, and the dark chocolate coating broke off from the marshmallow when we bit in, causing a minor mess.

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Aroma: Pretty good marshmallowy chocolate smell.

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Jaffa DDO Crvenka (Serbia)

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From the package

"Trajni slaki kolaĉ preliven kakao prelivom" ... "Cake with compund chocolate (37%)" ... "Product of Serbia"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Market Basket. Review published .

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