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Drake's Zoinks!

Drake's Zoinks!

Taste: This new knockoff of Twinkies from Drake's weighed in at 1.5 oz per piece, slightly more than the revived Twinkies brand with its 1.358-oz. cakes. Our first impression of these was based on the excellent "Zoinks!" name alone, which we assume they took from the favorite expression of Shaggy Rogers from Scooby Doo (despite the lack of anything Scooby or Shaggy-related on the box). The taste was pretty much the same as Twinkies, quite good. The texture was nice too, spongy and soft with a good amount of creme. The balance of creme filling to cake seemed to be a bit more on the cake side with Zoinks vs. Twinkies, but it was still just fine with us.

We're assuming that longtime snack cake brand Drake's is only now debuting a Twinkies knockoff because they were formerly was part of the same company as Hostess Twinkies. They're now owned by the company best known for Little Debbie ... which makes their own Twinkies knockoff, Cloud Cakes. We closely examined the surface textures of the cakes pictured on the box of Cloud Cakes and on this box, and it appears they're actually from the same photograph. It also looks like the two cakes on each box are really just mirror-image photos of the same single cake.

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Aroma: Very nice, sweet and creamy without being too sweet.


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"For more baked goodness, try these other fine favorites from Drake's!"

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