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X-Men Flipz Mystique Chocolate Mint Covered Pretzels

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Taste: These midsize knotted pretzels had a fairly dark chocolate coating, with an extra sprinkling of chocolate wiggles that added some texture but matched the rest of the coating in color. The coating was thorough, as there was no bare pretzel showing through on top, and only a few spots on the bottoms where the coating was thin enough to see some semblance of the underlying pretzel. We bit in to find a nice slight crunch from the pretzel and a good chocolate peppermint taste — not overwhelmingly minty, chocolatey or sweet, but just enough of each. Good enough for our panel of snackers to eat the whole bag very quickly.

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Aroma: Nice chocolate mint smell. Like those really good Andes ones.

X-Men Flipz Mystique Chocolate Mint Covered Pretzels

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From the package

"Special X-Men collector's edition" ... "X-Men Days of Future Past see the movie" ... "Collect all 4 special edition flavors" ... "The ultimate X-Men ensemble fights to change a major historical event in an epic battle for the survival of the species — X-Men: Days of Future Past. X-Men and Flipz ... a Flippin' Awesome combination."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Tedeschi. Review published .

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