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Skinnygirl Cucumber Dill Baked Pretzel Thins

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Taste: These flattened pretzels had round shapes with a smallish hole in the center of each one, surrounded by a circle of eight pinholes. The exteriors had lots of whitish powder on the otherwise pretzel-colored surfaces. We crunched in to find a very nice solid crunch with good crispness, plus lots of cucumber and dill flavor, on the mild side and cooled down by the cucumber part, but plenty dilly and quite tasty. Our panel of beer-drinking snackers gained some big fans of this flavor, raving about its deliciousness!

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Aroma: Really nice, just like cucumber and dill, more dill than cucumber.

Skinnygirl Cucumber Dill Baked Pretzel Thins

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"There's something about the perfect blend of cool cucumber and tangy dill sprinkled onto our slim, crunchy, baked pretzel thins. Enjoy straight from the bag or share with friends. A delicious, sensible snack you can take anywhere."

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