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Skinnygirl Caramelized Onion Baked Pretzel Thins

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Taste: These flattened pretzels boasted a caramelized onion seasoning, which is not a flavor we've seen before on pretzels. (We've seen onion, often in conjunction with mustard and/or honey, but not the caramelized version.) On first glance, the pieces appeared to be O-shaped, which would make sense given their onion flavor, but a closer look revealed that seemed to have been cut into hexagons, then maybe rounded out a bit during the cooking process, for a roundish look. The surfaces had a nice pretzel color (quite a bit darker than the more cracker-like shades of the ones pictured on the bag) with many grains of salt plus some small bits of green seasoning. The center holes were fairly small, or almost nonexistent in some cases. We crunched in to find a fairly solid crunch and lots of onion taste. The onion was sweet without being sugary. Very good!

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Aroma: Wow, really does smell like caramelized onions.

Skinnygirl Caramelized Onion Baked Pretzel Thins

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"Some flavors are just meant to be together. Amazing, amazing, amazing is how we describe our new sweet and savory, crunchy, caramelized onion baked pretzel thins. Enjoy straight from the bag or share with friends. A delicious, sensible snack you can take anywhere."

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