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Keg Beer Snacks

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Taste: This snack mix came in a container that was supposed to look like a keg of beer. The lightweight aluminum can didn't really feel much like an actual keg or even a miniaturized one, and the snacks weren't directly in the keg, but rather in a foil bag inside the fake keg. So it didn't project all that much keg-iness. The foil bag contained three kinds of small pretzels (knotted, rings and sticks), two kinds of bread sticks (wiggly ones and sort of bread loaf-looking ones) and a rye bread melba toast. The textures varied a lot from one type to the next — the melba toast was very crunchy, the bread sticks were crisp and lightly crunchy, and the pretzels crunchy but not that crisp — and the combination of textures worked well. There seemed to be some Worcestershire-type seasoning on everything, but it was most noticeable on the melba toast. Overall, the taste was kind of like the original Chex Mix, but without the Chex. Pretty good.

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Aroma: Kind of like the Worcestershire smell of Chex Mix.

Keg Beer Snacks

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Christmas Tree Shops. Review published .

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