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Bachman Butter Twist Brick Oven Flame Baked Pretzels

Bachman Butter Twist Brick Oven Flame Baked Pretzels

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Taste test: These knotted pretzels were very large and fairly thick, with lots of salt crystals on their surfaces. That size was the most distinguishing feature, as some pieces were just under 4 inches wide at their widest point. The pretzels had a pretty good crunch and lots of pretzel taste, with a good hit of butter as well. Our snackers were big fans of the size and the taste, as many people returned to the bag for multiple handfuls.

Aroma: Strong pretzel smell, somewhat buttery.

Manufacturer: Bachman Company

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From the package: "For the Crispiest, Crunchiest, Best Tasting Butter Twist Pretzels" ..." New design same great pretzels" ... "Unlike others, we make our delicious Bachman Butter Twist Pretzels the old fashioned way — by actually twisting them! We've been doing that since 1884, first by hand as our founder J.S. Bachman did, and now by a special method created and developed at our historic Heritage Center Bakery to ensure their exceptional crispiness and crunchiness."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Market Basket. Review published .

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