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Asheville Pretzel Company Handcrafted Artisan Hard Pretzels Original with Sea Salt

Asheville Pretzel Company Handcrafted Artisan Hard Pretzels Original with Sea Salt

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Taste test: These pretzel sticks were fairly thin, with a somewhat rectangular but almost oval profile. Lengths varied, with the average piece measuring about 2 inches. They had a light golden beige color on one side and a much darker, textured surface on the other. The surfaces were not glossy at all.

I crunched in to find a great texture that was not at all your typical pretzel, as it was both crispy and brittle — really nice. (They were labeled as "hard pretzels," and certainly they met the criteria of not being soft pretzels, but they had the gentlest crunch of any packaged product we've seen with that label, which is generally applied to thick sourdough ones with about 100 times the crunch.) The taste was equally impressive, with a hint of salt helping to bring out an excellent pretzel taste.

Aroma: Very nice fresh pretzel smell.

Manufacturer: Asheville Pretzel Company

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From the package: "My name is Sam and this is my dog, Mike. Asheville has given us great friends, great music, and great drink. We are giving back with really good, some say grape pretzels." ... "Creating a need for beer"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Ingles Market, Asheville, North Carolina. Review published .

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