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White Mountain Kettle Corn

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Taste: This bag contained generally very large popcorn kernels with sprawling shapes, and the surfaces were bright white and included some shiny (but still white) spots here and there.

I crunched in to find a light crunch and decent crispness, with the balance between sweetness and saltiness varying a lot from one kernel to the next — some had a nice mild sweetness but no saltiness at all, giving quite a contrast to the ones with some salt. It was a nice mix of tastes, and the unpredictability added a nice twist. The kernels didn't really have the light crunch that you get from freshly made kettle corn. All in all, pretty good.

The bag showed some popcorn kernels, enhanced with some line drawing, that looked like a moose, an owl and a chicken, which was kind of fun.

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Aroma: Somewhat burnt popcorn smell.

White Mountain Kettle Corn

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White Mountain Kettle Corn, LLC

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From the package

"is more than just an all-natural tasty treat. It's fun, too! Have you ever searched for cool shapes in the clouds? Try it with White Mountain Kettle Corn. We did, and we found our moose … and friends!!"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Philbrick's Fresh Market, Hampton, New Hampshire. Review published .

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