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Skinnygirl Kettle Corn Popcorn

Skinnygirl Kettle Corn Popcorn

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Taste test: We've eaten many brands of kettle corn, many of them quite good, plus quite a few products labeled as kettle corn that were actually just sugar-coated popcorn trying to act like kettle corn (usually quite unsuccessfully). Before even opening this bag, we became skeptical of this "kettle corn" as the marketing copy on the back said the contents were "Air popped to perfection" — which would make this not kettle corn at all. We opened the bag to find kernels in a variety of shapes, most round and fairly large, but not all of them. It didn't looked like the kernels were coated with sugar, so that seemed to be a good sign. We crunched in to find that most kernels had a very small amount of sweetness, hardly enough to be considered kettle corn. Some others were a bit sweeter and crunchier, so better. None of them seemed to have much of anything in terms of salt. In the absence of a kettle, they sort of got halfway to a reasonable kettle corn texture. Somehow they figured out a bit of how to make something resembling kettle corn while using a hot air popper. That didn't place them anywhere near the upper echelon of kettle corns, but it wasn't bad either. Most of our snackers thought it was pretty good. Not one we'd go out of our way to get again, and not a true kettle corn, but if you want lightly sweetened popcorn, this stuff is OK.

Aroma: Very mild popcorn smell, just slightly sweet.

Manufacturer: Barrel o' Fun Snack Food Co.

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From the package: "Made with whole grains" ... "Amazing, amazing, amazing is how we describe our sweet but salty kettle corn. Air popped to perfection for that delicious crunch you love."

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