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Popsalot Honolulu Aloha

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Taste: This bag contained large, mostly round kernels with a nice caramel glaze covering much of the surface area of the kernels, but also some bare white areas. We didn't immediately see any evidence of macadamia nuts, but after grabbing and eating a few kernels, we found one that had half of a macadamia stuck to it. The kernels had a good crispness and excellent caramel taste. It was good enough to keep munching and munching, but even as we got farther into the bag, we still found that there were fairly few macadamia nuts.

This was the only snack we can remember that listed Love as an ingredient.

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Aroma: Mild caramel smell.

Popsalot Honolulu Aloha

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From the package

"Ready for your close-up? Popsalot is proud to present Honolulu Aloha, a tropical tryst starring you and a handful of sun-kissed popcorn paradise. Just close your eyes and let the rich flavor of premium Hawaiian macadamia nuts coast into your mouth on waves of smooth caramel. As always, we start with wholesome, air-popped popcorn so that every side is your side." ... "Ingredients: whole grain popcorn, brown sugar, Macadamias, butter (cream, salt), corn syrup, salt, pure vanilla extract, baking powder, love."

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